How to choose the commuter folding electric bike?

Crowded cars and traffic jams, urban commuting problems not only crowd out life and work time and increase economic costs but also reduce life satisfaction and happiness. Cycling to work has become the best choice for many people to commute, so how to choose the commute ebike suitable for you? Here's how to choose your best commuter ebike.

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First, determine whether a folding bike can meet the basic needs of your commute.
1. For a one-way journey of 10-20km, an electric folding bike can fully meet the needs of this journey. In addition to waiting at traffic lights, you can avoid the congestion of cars and the congestion of public transportation.

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2. The electric commuter car you choose needs to have a variable speed function, and the one-way distance is 10-20km. A single-speed car will leave you with painful memories of the commute. Most of the folding bikes with shifting functions are road-type shifting systems and wheelsets, which is to consider the needs of urban traffic.

3. Route situation:

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1. It is the easiest if the road is flat, and ordinary folding bikes are OK.

2. Some road sections have slopes. In this case, it depends on the angle and length of the slope. If it is longer or steeper, the landlord needs to have at least a double-disc transmission system for the crankset, and directly spend more money to match better road kits. Well, it will be necessary to change the gear ratio frequently to save physical strength.

3. Most of the roads are bumpy or mainly mountain roads. If the bumps are serious and mountain bikes cannot be selected, some ebike foldable with shock absorption can also be considered. If the road surface is poor, you need to be more careful about the tires. It is better to choose a tire structure with strong puncture resistance, which can avoid the lateness caused by stopping to repair the tires on the way to work.

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4. Worried that your bike will take up a lot of space or affect other people's space? Then an electric folding commuter bike is your best choice. The shape and space occupation after folding are also different. You can fold the bicycle every day and play it back on the balcony for peace of mind. You can even put it on your desk against the wall in the company without taking up space.

*Learn about any commuter e-bike that is right for you, if you're looking for the folding ebike here, I recommend the RANDRIDE Hummer. It features a Shimano 7-speed transmission that lets you adjust gears as needed to suit different sections of the city. 20"X4.0" CST all-terrain fat tires give you peace of mind through every tough road condition. Less than 100cm after folding, easy to store every small corner.

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