What are the advantages of the best mountain electric bike for adults?

best electric bikes mountain
With the development of technology,more and more people have their own cars,at the same time it becomes a serious problem for the environment.Owning your own mountain electric bike specialized is the best decision for the moment,not just for the environment but for the individual.
RANDRIDE mountain electric bike have the following advantages that make them the best choice for mountain ebike:

1. High Density 48V 17AH Lithium Battery:

the best bike battery

Our adult electric bike adopt the new a + ternary lithium battery technology, which keeps the volume unchanged, increases the density, has larger capacity compared with other lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the battery life is also significantly improved.

2. Shimano 27 Speed Shifting Kit:

best bike gear

RANDRIDE electric bicycle 27 speed shifting kit imported from Shimano, the shifting is sensitive and the chain is not lost, the pedaling force is less tired than that of the 21-speed, and the speed is strong to climb mountains.

3. High-speed 1000W Brushless Motor:

electric bike 1000w

RANDRIDE 1000w mountain electric bike for adults adopts a threaded crimping structure, and the 1000W permanent magnet high-speed brushless motor is in contact with the internal equipment. The operation reaches the smoothness of zero resistance in the industry, and the speed is faster and the power output is stronger.     

4. Three Riding Modes:

mountain bike electric assist

The RANDRIDE mountain electric bike integrates three modes of pure electric and electric assistance, pedal, which can be freely switched to enjoy different riding experiences.You can learn more about RANDRIDE adult mountain bikes at this link: https://randridebikes.com/collections/mountain-electric-bike

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