Why electric bikes are the best vehicles for delivery courier?

In the mighty distribution army, most of them use electric bicycles as the main distribution tool. Today, I will make a calculation for everyone. Why electric bikes are the best vehicles for delivery courier?

best electric bike for delivery courier

The delivery requirements are fast and punctual, and the delivery guys earn only a hard money, so in the choice of transportation, low cost and high efficiency have naturally become the most concerned about the little guys.

electric bike 1000 watt for courier

① save money

As a result, motorcycles and electric vehicles have naturally become the best choices for takeaway buddies. The purchase cost of a scooter with a displacement below 150cc is usually less than 10,000 US dollars, and the purchase cost of a long-range electric self-confidence vehicle is generally not more than 2,500 US dollars. It is well known that motorcycles save fuel, and the cost of charging electric vehicles is almost negligible.


As for food delivery by bicycle, unless the distance is very close or it is used in an emergency, usually no delivery guy will try this time-consuming and laborious means of transportation. Bicycles are only used in emergency situations.
Due to urban traffic congestion, in order to minimize the time delay caused by traffic jams, electric vehicles and motorcycles are flexible and light, and they can easily cross the streets and alleys, as if they are no one. The carrying capacity of electric vehicles or motorcycles is sufficient for takeaway delivery.
In addition, the delivery brother needs to carry a limited number of deliveries each time, and the carrying capacity of electric vehicles or motorcycles can be fully satisfied. A maximum of two takeaway boxes can be fixed on the brackets behind the vehicle.

So choose an electric bike or a motorcycle?

The cost of an electric self-confidence car and a motorcycle is less than the cost of an iPhone 13.

Take a delivery boy as an example. The delivery courier's vehicles is an electric bicycle of a first-line brand. It has been modified with dual lithium batteries. With an average daily delivery intensity of 45 orders, the daily mileage is about 100Km. After the battery is modified, it is basically enough. Motorcycles don't have to worry about battery life.

The delivery courier is using a first-line brand electric bicycle, and the ebike and battery cost more than 2,000 US dollars (including the cost of modifying the battery pack), and the daily charging power consumption is about 4.5kWh.

Comparison of the cost of using the two

Calculated, the average monthly cost of a high-quality electric bicycle is only half of that of a motorcycle, and the driving experience is not much different. In terms of later maintenance, electric vehicles are simpler and more flexible than motorcycles, so most distribution The little brother uses the electric self-confidence car as the main vehicle. After all, the cost saved is equivalent to a month's salary of many ordinary office workers.

If the delivery guy uses some high-quality and cheap folding electric bikes,just like RANDRIDE Hummer X ,which equipped with 48V 17AH Samsung/LG lithium battery to ensure a long life expectancy and distinguished performance.The single range can be up to 75+ miles per charge on0 pedal-assist mode and around 50+ miles on pure electric power mode.Then the annual savings will be even more substantial, and the savings in a year will not be much different from a month's income.

folding electric bike 1000W


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