How to train the skills needed for mountaineering EMTB in daily life?

Enjoy the thrill of challenging yourself and conquering a mountain. "Climbing" is the skill that every cyclist is most passionate about and wants to improve! This article will teach readers how to improve their climbing skills and dispel common myths.

Speed ​​reduction & sitting training

Speed ​​reduction is one of the most common climbing training methods. When you actually ride an emountain bike, you must keep the number of revolutions to effectively increase power and heart rate within a controllable range when you reduce speed to increase resistance. Otherwise, you will explode before you even reach your full potential. At the same time, you must train repeatedly on a familiar route to have enough control groups to master your abilities and arrange a step-by-step plan.
Another training method that cyclists must have tried is sitting throughout the whole process. Coach Yang emphasized that this is not a training technique. It's simple, because whether it is a competition or daily riding, most of the time is spent sitting, and it is reasonable to train muscles in this posture. But cyclists can definitely increase strength and improve stability under the constraints of a deliberate sitting posture.

Homemade training platform with slope

A good way to simulate climbing is to lift the front wheel of the wind resistance training platform. The biggest difference between flat ground and climbing is the riding posture. The lifted front wheel will make the hips slide backwards. When riding an electric mountain bike, the rider is forced to use the gravity of the upper hand to push the hips forward, using the hind leg muscles that are not used when riding on flat roads. The hind leg muscles, gluteal muscles, and back muscles must be used to stabilize the core, so that it can be close to real climbing.

Use heavy objects to strengthen climbing muscles

There are three weight training movements that can improve muscle strengthening. The first is the rowing machine, which strengthens the core strength of the whole body. Pulling the weight up is equivalent to pulling the handlebars. When the hands are pulled inward, the feet will push outward, just like riding an emtb. The power will be connected from the biceps to the back muscles, then to the gluteal muscles, the quadriceps of the legs, and then to the ankle joints.

The next exercise is the ankle heel raise exercise. Compared with flat roads, the ankle joints and toes are under great force when climbing, and sufficient support is needed to avoid injury and ensure the output of power.

The last item is the back hook. When riding on flat ground, the hind leg muscles are not used much. When climbing, cramps are most likely to occur. It is often at this time that its importance is noticed. There is a difference between training and practice.

Lose fat but not weight

A "light" body is good for climbing? In fact, the focus is not here. Losing weight can certainly help reduce the load of climbing, but if the muscle mass is also reduced, it will be useless. To make the body light, you should lose fat, just like the Tour de France riders have low body fat, but full muscles, sufficient hemoglobin, and sufficient oxygen carrying capacity, which can bring excellent performance.

To climb fast, you must combine a lot of strength, and the current trend is also to move towards all-round players. Mountaineering kings are often the best in other projects. Therefore, the improvement of mountaineering should return to the essence and pursue a stronger body. Coach Yang concluded: "Good living habits plus full-body and diversified training, eating more original ecological natural food, getting enough nutrition, and better physical condition, it is difficult not to make progress in mountaineering."



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