Which is the best motor for electric bike?

Some more cautious consumers will find that some motors are "brush motors" and some motors are "brushless motors" when purchasing mountain electric bicycles. So how to distinguish is an electric bicycle motor a "brushless motor" or a "brush motor"?

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In short, you can tell from the appearance whether the motor of an electric bike is brushed or brushless:

One is that there are 8 leads of the "brushless" ebikes , while the positive and negative leads of the "brush" electric bicycle have two; "Brushed" electric bicycles are easy to turn forward, and more difficult to turn backwards. 


According to the current use situation in the industry, there are mainly two types of ebike motor: brush motor and brushless motor.


1. Brush motor

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Now most of the electric vehicle market is still in the brush motor stage. For the brush motor with mechanical commutation, the technical requirements of the control system are low, the relative cost is low, and the starting torque of the brush motor is slightly larger than that of the brushless motor. But its biggest drawback is that it has short service life, high noise and low efficiency. The carbon brush is severely worn and easy to be damaged if used for a long time. At the same time, wear will produce a large amount of carbon dust, which falls into the gear oil, causing the gear oil to dry up faster and the motor noise to further increase.

The internal carbon brush of the motor with brush needs to be replaced after it has been used for about one year. You will find that the mileage required for charging once is less than 2/3 of that when the new car was purchased. In addition, the power is insufficient when climbing the slope, and the controller will be burned out. After replacing the carbon brush of the motor, the commutator is also ground with a groove, which reduces the contact area of the carbon brush. After the carbon brush with poor contact is powered on, it will generate sparks and accelerate the oxidation of the commutator and the copper strip, resulting in the above adverse phenomena.


2. Brushless motor

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Brushless motor uses electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation, which is better than brush motor. Brushless motor has no gear or reduction mechanism, which reduces the reliability of motor wear. In a certain current range, its efficiency is higher than that of the brush motor. The brushless motor of an ebike has no noise during operation and its service life can reach more than 10 years.

*From the comparison of the two, the brushless motor is better than the brush motor. At present, some domestic electric bicycle manufacturers have begun to produce, brushless motor is the development direction of electric bike in the future. All RANDRIDE ebikes are equipped with brushless motors,you can learn about RANDRIDE ebike with brushless motor from this link:https://randridebikes.com/collections

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