Delivery Time

Please review the information below to check the countries that can be free shipped and estimated delivery times. (Due to the large size and weight of electric bikes, and the particularity of batteries that cannot be transported by air, can only be transported by sea or rail, resulting in a long delivery time.Thank you very much for understanding and accepting the delivery time.)

Your parcel will be transported in two stages, the first stage is sea or rail shipping, and the second stage is FedEx or UPS or DPD or Postal or Truck logistics company and other express shipping. Your parcel first arrives in your country by sea or rail, then the FedEx or UPS or DPD or Postal or Truck logistics company will receive your parcel at the port or train station in your country, and update your parcel tracking information on their official website, finally deliver the parcel to your home.

You can first check the sea or rail shipping status of your parcel through the inquiry link of the sea and rail logistics company's website: (Please Google translate the page into English and enter the your tracking number for inquiries. If you can't find the information, please contact us to check and fix it)

Free Shipping Countries

Delivery Time (working day)

America 3-5 Days(If US warehouse has in stock)
America 22-30 Days(If US warehouse out of stock)
Australia 25-35 Days
Austria 25-30 Days
Belgium 25-30 Days
Bulgaria 25-30 Days
Canada 3-5 Days(If Canada warehouse has in stock)
Canada 30-35 Days(If Canada warehouse out of stock)
Czech Republic 25-30 Days
Croatia 25-30 Days
Denmark 25-30 Days
England 20-25 Days
Estonia 25-30 Days
France 25-30 Days
Finland 25-30 Days
Germany 25-30 Days
Greece 25-30 Days
Hungary 25-30 Days
Italy 25-30 Days
Ireland 25-30 Days
Japan 7-10 Days
Kazakhstan 25-30 Days
Luxembourg 25-30 Days
Latvia 25-30 Days
Lithuania 25-30 Days
Malaysia 7-10 Days
Mexico 35-40 Days
Netherlands 25-30 Days
New Zealand 7-10 Days
Norway 7-10 Days
Portugal 25-30 Days
Poland 20-30 Days
Russia 15-20 Days
South Korea 5-7 Days
Singapore 5-7 Days
Spain 25-30 Days
Sweden 25-30 Days
Switzerland 7-10 Days
Slovakia 25-30 Days
Slovenia 25-30 Days
United Arab Emirates 25-30 Days