Which electric bike mountain bike is best for adults?

Every outdoor sports lover would like to own an electric bicycle of his own, but do you know which kind of electric bike mountain bike is best for adults?

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Mountain ebike or road ebike?

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Tire comparison: Road ebike is equivalent to 28 inches, and mountain ebike is a 26-inch wheel diameter; mountain bike tires are usually above 1.9" (1.5" may be used on special tracks), while road bike tires are more than 20 mm wide .

Handlebar comparison: In order to ride on rough mountain roads and pursue control, the handlebars used are wider, while the road pursues speed and reduces wind resistance, so the handlebars are narrower.

Frame comparison: Mountain ebike are on bumpy roads, considering the combination of light weight and hardship, while the focus of road consideration is pedaling rigidity and light weight. Road bikes are generally slender (and in recent years, aerodynamic-based frames have been thicker), while mountain bikes are sturdier. The angle of the frame of the mountain bike is very particular, and the angle of the road bike is similar. The axles of mountain bikes are thicker, while the axles of road bikes are more delicate. At present, with the use of production technology and high-tech materials, it is difficult to find any similarity between the two frames except for the basic structure.

Braking comparison: Mountain bikes need a strong, strong braking, all-weather braking system. Early mountain bikes used hanging brake systems, and later V-brakes provided better braking performance. Now the best braking systems are disc brakes, or disc brakes, introduced from motorcycles. In addition to braking force, the most important thing about road cars is light weight.

Front fork comparison: The front fork of a mountain bike is an important part of a mountain bike, with high technological content, a combination of performance and comfort plus rigidity and light weight, while the front fork of a road bike is just a frame-related component That's it.

Weight comparison: Weight is very important for mountain and road. During competition, the mountain bike can reach 12.5kg, while the maximum limit of the road is 10.5kg. The heavier the car, the more gong you consume, which invisibly increases your excess consumption.

Is a mountain bike better or a touring bike better?

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RANDRIDE electric bike mountain bike: It equipped with Samsung/LG 48V 17AH lithium battery and 1000W brushless motor.Mountain bikes are suitable for a variety of complex road conditions. Strong body, flexible control, wide tires, good passability, variable speed, thick tires and good grip are suitable for off-road, mountain bikes have larger overall strength, strong impact resistance, and more comfortable riding, which is more powerful than other bicycles. Not easy to damage.

Suitable for use: mountain competition, challenge yourself, riding environment: mountain, forest road, a variety of complex road conditions.

Touring bike: Evolved from mountain bikes, specially designed for long-distance travel, emphasizing riding comfort, using a frame similar to road bikes but with a reinforced frame, both light and shock-absorbing Yes, road rims, but the tires are slightly wider fine-tread tires, butterfly handlebars for better comfort, wider saddles, mountain shifting kits, fenders, front and rear luggage racks, There are hangers, and the high-end ones also use disc brakes. Generally, they are not self-locking. They are equipped with at least two water bottle cages, which are suitable for long-distance riding. However, the station wagon is too bulky, has poor climbing and descending performance, lacks a sense of movement, and the riding position is fixed and unable to exert force. That position can only be ridden slowly and leisurely. Touring bikes place more emphasis on comfort, while mountain bikes place more emphasis on handling rough terrain.

Suitable for use: If it is used for long-distance riding, it is recommended to choose a station wagon, because the positioning of the station wagon is for long-distance riding. Compared with mountain bikes, it is lighter and more comfortable, and has higher body strength and body strength than road bikes. Accessories, easy maintenance, objective carrying function, can adapt to most terrains, and easy to install riding safety accessories, comfortable grip.

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