In 2020, four cycling enthusiasts with a shared passion for riding in general founded RANDRIDE.

Rick, Aimee, Nancy, and Davis are the co-founders of RANDRIDE. They use their initials to form a "RAND" riding group, which is also the origin of the RANDRIDE brand name.

The RANDRIDE electric bike family now has FORERUNNER; LEAPER; EXPLORER; EXPLORER PRO; HUMMER; HUMMER X, HURRICANE. Let's look forward to more family members joining.

Whether it is urban daily cycling, commuting cycling, travel cycling, outdoor sports and fitness, or natural exploration in the mountains, RANDRIDE e-bikes are fashionable representatives of efficient, convenient, green and low-carbon travel.

It's as if our close friend is always with us, accompanying us through the changes of the seasons, sharing our joys and sorrows, and experiencing more wonderful things together!

Start your journey to self-discovery and freedom with RANDRIDE !

RANDRIDE is an electric bike brand owned by Hong Kong XIJING (SWITZERLAND) BIOTECH GROUP LIMITED.

RANDRIDE focused on the development of electric bike, production and sales. Our adhering to the "focus on quality, lead the fashion"the core concept,is committed to the promotion of high-quality riding sports products. Our products currently cover electric mountain bike, road ebike, folding electric bicycles, etc, of the category bicycle riding equipment.

All RANDRIDE e-bikes are designed and developed in Hong Kong. RANDRIDE has production and assembly departments, sales service departments, and product warehouses in Canada, Poland , HongKong, and Guangzhou to make our products be shipped easily and quickly, and provide customers with better after-sales support services.

RANDRIDE offers bicycles to customers from more than 50 countries in Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America. RANDRIDE insists on producing every bicycle with meticulous and rigorous design and durable quality, providing every cycling enthusiast with better quality riding Sports products.

RANDRIDE provide the best quality products at the best possible price because we are a factory direct-to-customer business, to create a more affordable purchasing path for our customers. No matter what your age or what your job is, no matter who you are or where you come from, we strive to offer cost-efficient electric bikes for you.

Factory Direct to Customer

RANDRIDE electric bike sales process:
"Factory Production → Factory Quality Inspection → Warehouse Delivery → Shipping to Your Home."
Helps you save money on dealerships markups and buy electric bikes with premium and high configuration at the most affordable price.