Yes. All RANDRIDE e-bikes have a Odometer and Trip Meter with colorful display.

Odometer: Overall miles accumulated.

Trip Meter: Miles accumulated per trip.

The Odometer and Trip Meter can be adjusted manually in the settings menu.

This is an approximate measurement of your cost per charge for your e-bike. The data below uses a 48V, 10.4AH battery as an example. All Data as an example reference, and the actual battery you use shall prevail.

Reference data:

Battery voltage: 48V

Battery Amps/Hour:  10.4AH

Local cost per kWh ( kilowatt /hour): 15 cents 

To get the estimated cost per charge

1.Multiply your Battery Voltage *  Amps/Hour to get the Watt/hour capacity

Example   48V*10.4Ah = 499.2 Wh 


2.Then you divide by 1000 to get kilo Watt/Hours

Example 499.2Wh/1000 = 0.4992 kWh


3.Now multiply by your average kWh rate 

For example, The kWh cost of your local average house is 15 cents per kWh.

we get   15 * 0.4992 kWh = 7.488 Cents


Fully charging your 48V 4Ah batterywill costs you 7.488 cents.

1. Buying an electric bike online is fast, easy, and saves you moneyand can be done from your  Buying online can also save a significant amount of money for you. We Our factory focuses on producing and selling the high-quality electric bikes while keeping our prices lower than other electric bike shops.


2. We've streamlined our business model to make it as easy as possible to buy an electric bike online. Selling directly to consumers online through our e-bike factory, we avoid the additional costs added by a bike dealer, and you will receive the highest quality e-bikes at the lowest price.


3. Our professional customer support team is always there to help when you need it. RANDRIDEBikes strives to provide the best customer service possible. We make sure that every request is handled quickly and efficiently


4. We offer free shippingon all e-bike orders, and have spent a lot of time and effort in developing our packaging so that our bikes arrive at your doorstep in excellent condition.


5. All RANDRIDE electric bikes support 14 days of free trial, 1 month of free replacement and 2-year warranty.


All of our e-bikes are splash-resistant but using too much or pressurized water can damage them.


1. To wash the frame or tires of an e-bike, use a damp cloth with a small amount of soap if necessary. It's best to clean your bike soon after it becomes dirty to avoid difficult-to-remove residues.


2.To clean your disc brakes of e-bike, use only water, because soap residue can cause them to squeal.


3. The LCD display and battery assembly cannot be washed directly with water. Please wring out the water with a damp towel, and then wipe gently. After cleaning, make sure they don't have any water left on their surfaces and inside.


4. When cleaning connectors, use only compressed air and 90% alcohol if needed.


5. Contact your local bike mechanic for recommendations on drivetrain lubricationbased on your local weather conditions.

We offer full support for any damage incurred during shipping as is included in your bike warranty. Please send a picture of the issue to our support team at randridebikes@gmail.com and we will offer several options to correct the issue promptly.


We test and inspect your bike before shipping it to you, and pack it carefully to avoid any damage during the process. 


If any parts of your e-bike is damaged or lost in transit, we will reissue the parts free of charge. The cost of the replacement parts will be covered by us, and you will have peace of mind until the bike is delivered to you.

Yes! Our e-bikes can be ridden in various weather conditions or on mountain and hilly terrain.

To have a safe and fun ride, it's important to consider weather and terrain conditions when riding a bike, as well as knowing the relevant safety knowledge and taking protective measures.

Read below to learn more about riding a RANDRIDE e-bikes in certain conditions.


Off-Road Riding:

If you choose to ride off-road with an e-bike, be sure to check your local regulations to confirm that off-road e-bike riding is allowed. Wear appropriate safety gear, and don't ride alone in remote areas.


In Various Weather Conditions:

Our e-bikes have been successfully tested in in hot, cold, wet rainy, icy snowy weather conditions to ensure they work well in various adverse weather conditions. This is because components such as the LCD display, motor, battery pack and throttle of the rand e-bike are carefully designed, and constructed of high-quality materials.

Be extra careful when riding in foggy, wet, or icy conditions. Heavy fog can make it difficult to see road hazards, so wear reflective clothing and use your bike's headlights. Wetness and ice can make the road particularly slippery, and even though our e-bike tires have excellent anti-skid properties, this only improves the anti-skid effect of the ride, not completely avoids any situation. So you still need to slow down and avoid riding on the slippery roads.


Riding Mountain or Hilly Terrain:


bikes are generally easy to climb and descend on hills without cargo, but once the cargo is loaded onto the bike, the bike's climbing ability, steering and braking are all affected.Keep the weight of your cargo as low as possible and get used to controlling the cargo bike in flat, open areas before riding with cargo on mountains or hills.


Always pedal when riding on steep hills or climbing hilly terrain to avoid straining the motor. A rider should keep the bike moving at a reasonable and steady pace. Demanding high power output when the bike is moving at slow speeds may strain the motor. Pedaling can help keep the bike moving without high power demand, which will increase the longevity of the e-bike's motor. Plan your route to avoid very steep hills if possible.

The recommended rider heights for RANDRIDE Leaper is 5'3" ~ 6'8".


The recommended rider heights for RANDRIDE Explorer is 5'3" ~ 6'8".


The recommended rider heights for RANDRIDE Explorer Pro is 5'3" ~ 6'8".


The recommended rider heights for RANDRIDE Hurricane is 5'3" - 6'6".


The recommended rider heights for RANDRIDE Hummer X is 5'3" - 6'6".

The recommended rider heights for RANDRIDE Hummer is 4'8" - 6'3".