How to ride a mountain electric bike off road safely?

Riding an ebike for commutingis awesome! Compared with the car, the electric bike don't produce carbon dioxide, and you don't even have to worry about traffic jams or parking problems by riding it. You can carry more without breaking a sweat. In addition, riding a mountain electric bike off road is also an outdoor exercise. But there are still many differences between riding an ebike electric and a traditional bike and how can we keep safety when we ride an electric adult bike? 

PART1 Before riding

1.Know the traval conditions in advance

Electric audlt bikes have many advantage over traditional bikes: You can choose to take a longer, safer route, or a longer, more scenic route at will. You can install a GPS navigation device wuth your mobile phone to avoid losing your way on unfamiliar roads.

2.Choose the best itinerary plan

Electric off-road bike can be driven by batteries, motors, and so on, therefore,  factors such as weather, slope, and terrain can also have a big role in electric bike riding. 

3.Find the step speed that suits you

You need to find the balance between the foot driving and the motor driving. Only by finding your comfortable and suitable rate can you ride safely and stable.

4.Reducing load

An electric mountain bike can carry much more things, but you should not let it overload. Because the more the mountain ebike off road carry, the greater the operating load for the motor, the more difficult to ride.

5.Set different speeds

When you go uphill, choose low speed for climbing. You can slightly improve your setting speed in a stable and safe place.

6.Pretend to begin your ebike tour

The soldiers did not fight without preparing, and we did not start riding without preparation.

This list provided to you for reference

1) Large capacity water bottle and drinking water
2) Mobile phones and cash (the must -have item for contemporary people)
3) Snacks, such as chocolate
4) Windbreaker or raincoat
5) An ebike suit you without any bug(a recommendation at the bottom of this article)

Before cycling, we need to ensure that the battery is fully charged. If necessary, bring a charger or another removable battery.

PART2 When riding

1.Slow down your starting speed 

If you are a novice to ride an bike poerwerd by the battery, we recommend that you not to increase the speed at first. Before you getting familiar with your bike, you can do low-speed riding training in the open area. Until you are familiar with the bike driven by electrity and can maintain a good balance, you can adjust to the speed you need according to your needs.

2.Early braking 

Ebikes have a better power, higher speeds, and heavier frames than conventional bikes, which means you need to start slowly on an electric bike off road earlier than a regular bike.

3.Smoothly braking

Both disc brakes and oil brakes of the ebicycle have better performance and quicker response than mechanical brakes of ordinary bikes. But you may not get used to such braking brakes. You need to maintain a steady state of mind and brake slowly and evenly to prevent accidents from happening.

4.Stronger concentration 

Ebicycle can be faster than traditional bicycle, so you need to concentrate more and observe the conditions and changes of the road.

5.Obey the traffic rules

Traffic rules are more stringent for ebikers, and it is your responsibility to know and follow all road, road, and trail traffic rules in your area. Governments in some places require local electric bikers not to exceed 30kmph when riding, and some places do not allow an electric bike rider to take passagers on the back seat. Please be sure to understand in advance and strictly abide by it. Electric mountain bikes bring you more fun and faster speed, but the premise of enjoying these fun is to go on the road correctly and regulated.

Last but not least, make sure you wear a high-quality helmet properly before setting off on every ride, no matter how long the distance is!

Other tips

Compared to riders, pedestrians are not so sensitive to pavement. Therefore, in the process of cycling, the ebike rider must focus on improving their visibility, and making preparations for the emergencies at any time, especially at the peak time of commuting,

1.Always turn on the ebike light

During the day, you can turn on the riding lights at rear and at front. The special flash mode allows others to notice you from a distance. At night, in addition to the bright front light of the front light of your beloved ebike, you can also flash the front lights and taillights to keep others notice you.

2.Wear more conspicuous clothing

Rider wearing fluorescent clothing can attract attention during the day, and it can make others easier to notice it at night. Costumes with reflective elements can also make others notice themselves quickly. And remember not to wear dark color clothes.

3.Install the bell

The bell to an electric bicycle is what the horn to a car. When you are cycling, applying the bell can remind pedestrians and other riders to notice you to some extent.

PART3 After riding

1.Install a anti-theft lock for your mountain electric bike off road

Although an off road ebike can be parked in almost any place where an ordinary bicycle can be parked, you should remember to lock your ebike, because bikes driven by batteries will be favored by thieves than traditional bicycles.

2.Buy high-quality ebike locks

High-quality locks will not be so easily destroyed by the thief. In addition, you can consider buying two locks to double ensure your property safety.

3.Choose a right parking place

You can park your electric mountain bike in a regular parking lot or where you can shoot the camera. If you are in the wild, you can park it in places where other bikers parked.

4.Take away the valuable items on your ebike

When parking, please take away what can be removed directly, and what is valuable, such as helmets, batteries, etc. Of course, if you just park your off counrty ebike by a  store to buy things, you don't need to take these items away.

PART4 The most important tip!!!

The most important thing is that you need to buy a reliable ebike of high quality with excellent tire, battery and motor.

Here is one recommendation: RANDRIDE Explorer Pro.

The reasons why choose RANDRIDE Explorer Pro:

1. Removable Samsung/LG 48V 17AH lithium-ion Battery 

  • Pure electric power mode can power your riding for up to 55+ miles (88+ km) per 100% charge.
  • Pedal-assist mode can power your riding for up to 75+ miles (120+ km)per 100% charge.

 2. 1000W Powerful Motor

The powerful 1000W and 100Nm of torque brushless geared hub motor works seamlessly with the bike, providing you with an epic ride.

  • The max speed can realize up to 35 mph (56 kmph)
  • Easily go through all kinds of the rugged terrainsand steep hills

3. 26X4.0 CST Fat Tire

With built-in tire liners and puncture-resistant reflective sidewalls, the fat tires are super puncture-resistant. It delivers superior grip and traction on even the most challenging terrain or the harshest weather conditions thanks to its 4 inches width.Its width and its toughness make it be a solid choice for trail riders.

4. High Quality Alloy Full Suspension

With 190mm aluminum alloy rear shock absorber with four-bar linkage suspension structure, the vibration of the bumpy road can be effectively reduced and the ride comfort can be improved.

5. Shimano 27 Speed Gear Shift System

Shimano 27-speed shifting system provides you with professional speed shifting service, allowing you to shift efficiently at any time and on any terrain.

6. Shimano Hydraulic Brakes

Compared with ordinary mechanical brakes, hydraulic disc brakes have dual-piston hydraulic brake calipers, which serve as fast heat dissipation, light weight, quick braking and easy adjustment.

Whether you're riding rain or snow, rough trails or rough off-road, long downhills or other rough sections, Shimano hydraulic brakes could help you stop effortlessly.

7. Colorful LED Display

  • Intelligent Control - You can set the speed limit of the e-bike yourself.
  • Clearer and Brighter Screen - You can clearly know the speed, mileage, battery, gear and other information even in a dimly lit environment.

 Click to know more about RANDRIDE Explorer Pro. 

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