The best maintenance methods and skills of electric mountain bike for adults

A lot of people has their own mountain electric bicycle. You have ridden a mountain ebike to many places, it has been with you for a long time, but do you know how to maintain and clean your mountain electric bike? Here are some tips of the best maintenance methods and skills of electric mountain bike for adults.

1. Cleaning and maintenance of frame

clean the ebike frame

When cleaning the frame, you can dip a rag into water and pour it on the parts, so that the mud stuck under the frame is easy to soften when it meets water. At this time, you can easily remove the mud as long as you wipe it with a rag. It is not approved to use high-pressure water gun to wash the sludge on the bicycle, because such cleaning will easily lead to water entering the central shaft or flower drum, affecting the service life of parts. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to some places on the frame that are easy to accumulate mud, such as the position of the five links on the central shaft.

After washing the mud on the frame with clean water, pour a little detergent on the rag, and scrub it on the frame after simple rubbing with your hand. In case of dirt on the frame, just gently wipe it back and forth for several times, and the frame will be clean. Washing powder and other powerful detergents are usually not recommended, because many bicycles are made of aluminum. The alkali contained in the washing powder will react with aluminum, which will lead to some strange color spots on the aluminum part of the bicycle over time. Therefore, the flexible detergent detergent is definitely a better choice.

2. Wheel set, head and seat pipe

When washing the wheel set of your electric mountain bike  you can choose to brush the sand on the outer tire with the brush of brushing shoes dipped in detergent. When washing the car, it's best to replace it with a rag with detergent and carefully wipe the place where the brake skin has been braked on the car rim. The spokes can be simply scrubbed. When washing the flower drum, do not use a high-pressure water gun to remove the detergent, just simply drench it with water and wipe it with a clean rag.

When washing the sitting pipe and bag, be careful not to let the muddy water flow into the sitting pipe along the seam of the sitting pipe clamp. Under the seat bag, it is often the place where the mud and water fly up most. Carefully wipe off the mud with a rag. For the tire, you can brush the sand, stone and dust on the tire with a slightly harder brush for simple maintenance raise.

3. Finger dialing, forward dialing and backward dialing

After washing the above parts, the next step is to wash the fingertip. The fingertip is relatively complex. There is more butter in the parts to lubricate. When cleaning the fingertip, it's best to wipe it gently with a rag to clean it. When washing the front and back dialing, you can directly align the water pipe with the gap between the front and back dialing and wash it with water, so as to wash away the muddy water and sand stuck in the front and back dialing. After flushing, you can also use detergent to wash off the oil stain on the front and back dials.

4. Front fork, pedal and brake

clean the brake

Cleaning the front fork and foot pedal of your  mountain electric bicycle is very simple. The foot pedal only needs to wash away the muddy water. It's better not to wash the front fork with water. When scrubbing the inner pipe of the fork, screw the water on the rag before scrubbing the inner pipe of the front fork. After using the inner tube of the front fork for a period of time, some impurities will remain on it, which can be gently wiped off with a cotton swab. It is best to develop the habit of keeping the front fork clean, which is also the most basic maintenance of the front fork. When washing the brake (subject to the V brake), the water pipe can be used to directly wash the left in the brake Sediment, prepare for the next maintenance. For the wheel disc, front and rear transmissions, guide wheels, etc., you can use a brush to remove dust and small dirt.

5. Toothed disc, flywheel and chain

wash the flywheel

In the whole cleaning process, these three accessories may be the dirtiest parts. Because there is lubricating oil left on the accessories, the dust is the easiest to adhere. We can pour detergent on the dishcloth first, and then dip it in water to clean the tooth disc. When washing the tooth disc, try to wash each tooth with a dishcloth. When you wash it with water, you will be surprised to find that the tooth disc is as bright as new under the scrubbing of the dishcloth with detergent, and the next thing to wash is the flywheel.

When washing the flywheel, remove the rear wheel for cleaning. First, loosen the brake, so that the brake does not clamp the wheel. First loosen the screws on both sides of the rear wheel. At this time, tap the rear wheel gently, and the wheel can come out. Put the wheel on the ground, carefully wipe it on the flywheel with a rag, and then install the wheel back on the car. Pay attention to the position of the back shift. Slowly pull it back and put the wheel in. This process is very simple. You can understand it after one or two disassembly.

Finally, the chain cleaning method: the first method is to wash the chain with kerosene, wrap the rag with kerosene around the chain and drag it back and forth. The disadvantage is that it will leave a peculiar smell on your body, stained with oil dirt and oil stains. The second method is to use detergent. It should be noted that when washing the chain, it is best to use hot water of about 45 degrees, which is easier to play its cleaning role. In addition to wiping the chain back and forth with a rag with detergent, it's best to brush each chain slowly with a thicker brush, and soon the black chain will show its original color.

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