Why ride an adult fat tire electric mountain bike in the winter?

Whenever autumn and winter come and snowflakes start to flutter, most cyclists will put their ebikes back in the garage during the winter. Would the situation be different if I told you that you can actually ride a fat tire electric mountain bike on a snowy day? Anything is possible as long as there are fat tires. Fat tire ebikes—bikes with thick, wide tires—as their name suggests—are the latest trend in cycling. They look like a bike version of a monster truck, and the tires are designed to be able to ride on surfaces you never imagined, like sand and snow.

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Fat tire ebike riding is an emerging outdoor sport in the United States,especially in Alaska and Colorado, where riding in the winter was virtually impossible until then. In Europe, the snowmobile festival is in full swing, which was founded in 1922 in the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad.

With its chubby profile, fat tire ebikes are always the center of attention.Outside the outdoor equipment store at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, the fat tire bikes for display always attract the attention of passersby. Ride it through crowds in heavy ski suits and snowshoes, and you'll instantly be the biggest winner of the day with the most turning heads. After all, everyone has the stereotype that cycling is a warm-weather sport.

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How about best fat tire electric bike for adult riding in winter?Whether it's a person riding a snow fat tire ebike, someone enjoying the ice and snow with a sled, or a park staff member, you can find the endless fun that fat tire electric bicycles bring. So do you know what to pay attention to when riding in winter? Next, I will introduce to you:

1. Clothing selection
Obviously, it depends on what kind of riding venue you choose. But layering your clothes and having a storage bag ready is the most critical point when riding in the winter. Winter sports are prone to hyperthermia, puking, and hypothermia. If you wear too thin, these situations will happen in one day, and it will be very bad. When riding in Colorado in winter, I will wear a helmet and goggles to help face and head protection Warm, heat-insulating rowing gloves provide the best protection for your hands. Share a lesson in: what to wear when skiing and what to wear when biking.

2. Add moisture

In winter, it is even more important to bring enough water than in summer. Especially when riding at high altitudes, where water loss is more rapid, when your breathing rate increases, you may not feel your body's immediate need for water.
In sub-zero environments, freezing water bottles is another important challenge. If the mileage is not long, use an insulated water bottle to fill with hot or lukewarm water. Some people will choose to mix some electrolytes, alcohol and other substances in the water to try to change the freezing point of the liquid, but in the end it is often counterproductive. It's best to drink pure water since these things they're adding in can cause water to be lost from the body more quickly. I usually bring hot water, and after drinking I carefully tuck the nozzle of the hydration bag back into my jacket to prevent direct contact of the water with the cold outside, the neoprene sleeve also helps, but it doesn't Completely anti-icing.

3. Pedal
Self-locking pedals are fine for most of the winter, but if you’re riding in snow and dust, the flatbed still won’t get rid of sticky stuff unless you don’t mind cleaning the snow off the pedals frequently.

4. Shoes
Remember not to underestimate the warmth of your feet. As someone who has experienced multiple frostbites, keeping my feet warm is always a top priority for me. Basically, you need to make sure your shoes are well insulated and waterproof enough, and then put on thick thermal socks: there are some shoes on the market that are designed for snow riding as well. Using chemical insulation (commonly known as "warmers") or bringing some spares are good options. Some riders will wrap their feet in metal space blankets to reflect heat back. If the snow is thick or the snow is heavy, snow shoe covers are also a must to keep warm.

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