How to use installment payment for European orders?

If you are from Europe and want to buy an electric bike in installments, please see below.

① Add the ebike you want to buy into the shopping cart and click checkout or click buy now on the product page to enter the checkout page.

② Enter your delivery information on the checkout page, then select the payment method: "Credit/Debit Card & Local Payment", as shown in the picture.

③ Select this payment method: "Credit/Debit Card & Local Payment", and click the "Pay Now" button to enter the secure checkout page

 ④ On the secure checkout page click on "other payment methods" and select your country/region and select “Klarna: pay later”, fill in your contact information and follow the instructions to use installment payments

* If you encounter any problems during the payment process, please chat with us on the website or contact us at this email .